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Rovan married Ellie and Tim at the Engineers Club on May 24, 2014, Photograph courtesy of Daniel MdGarrity Photography.


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  1. Shelby and Trevor says:

    Rovan crafted us the most beautiful, personal, unique wedding ceremony that we ever could have hoped for. He was the most complimented vendor by our guests, and our wedding photographer (who shoots wedding almost every weekend) said it was one of the best they had ever seen. From the beginning, Rovan was super responsive to email (and for a Type A person like me that’s important), and over email and phone he took the time to get to know us, our story, and what we wanted in a wedding ceremony. We have different religious upbringings which got a bit touchy with families during the planning process, and Rovan offered his advice, support, and encouragement. He also helped facilitate our non-traditional Ketubah signing at the rehearsal. Thank you so much, Rovan!

  2. Colleen and Andrew, married 11/16/19 says:

    Perfect officiant – it’s like you know him!

    Rovan was an amazing officiant! We did three pre-marital counseling sessions with him and then one planning session prior to our wedding. Rovan was extremely professional and gave us a great wedding ceremony toolkit that allowed us to make decisions within a traditional ceremony framework. He worked with us to personalize the ceremony and incorporate the correct amount of religious references. In addition, Rovan made the marriage license submission process easy and got along extremely well with our family. He keeps everything professional. He was amazing and we’d highly recommend him!!!

  3. Meghan and Matthew married 10/12/19 says:

    Everyone was blown away by our wedding ceremony. Rovan is a wonderful, kind, and down to earth person. He made sure to take the time to get to know us, and make a beautiful, heartfelt, and personalized ceremony. I’ve already had two guests from my wedding ask for his information, as they want to have him officiate their big day as well. If you want to have a heartfelt ceremony to remember forever, Rovan is your man!

  4. Michael & Rebecca says:

    To say that Rev. Rovan put together an amazing ceremony is an UNDERSTATEMENT! He was able to truly tell our story of how we met and helped our guests understand how much we really love each other. We’ve received numerous compliments about how our ceremony was the best ceremony they have ever witnessed at a wedding. The ceremony was light hearted, funny, and remarkable! Rev. Rovan spoke very clearly and pronounced. He was also great about time management during the ceremony. We could not have asked for a better experience! Rev. Rovan was extremely professional and very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process from beginning to end! We are truly grateful that we will always have this memory to cherish all thanks to the wonderful Rev. Rovan! We would recommend him in a heartbeat!

  5. John and Ashley says:

    We instantly felt comfortable and confident with Rovan from the first day we met him. Up until that point, the bride and I were both a bit prone to over-stressing and over-thinking about our wedding planning, but Rovan leveraged his experience as a pastor and his uncanny talent for conversation to keep us grounded and make us laugh during the process. This wasn’t something we even considered when looking for our officiant, but it turned out to be essential for us! He brought this same professional-yet-relatable demeanor to our wedding day ceremony, and all of our guests adored him. He also brought some very neat ideas to the table for our ceremony… ask him about the wine box ceremony! -John & Ashley, married 08/25/18

  6. May and Phillip says:

    It was such a pleasure working with Rovan for our wedding! He has such an easy going and comforting demeanor that I knew very quickly after our first meeting that he was going to be our officiant. We wanted a very secular ceremony and Rovan understood completely without any judgement. He patiently listened to our story and crafted a beautiful ceremony that truly represented the both of us. Our guests loved Rovan and told us many times that day how great he was! I am so incredibly happy that we hired Rovan and would recommend him to anyone getting married!

  7. Lindsay and Nathan says:

    Rovan was an incredible officiant that surpassed our expectations in many ways. He is charismatic and will engage your guests with humorous stories while also making the ceremony about you. The most impressive thing Rovan did for us was to hear our story – who we were, our families, how we met, and fell in love – and then incorporate all of those details into the ceremony. Every bit of it was “us” and our guests loved it too. He even provided the opportunity to edit what was said during the entirety of the ceremony, which was unexpected but very appreciated. Overall we were incredibly happy with everything and would highly recommend Rovan to anyone.

  8. Kendall and Andrew says:

    Choose Rovan! He met with us multiple times to make sure he truly understood who we are, where we came from, how we worked as a couple, how we met, how we fell in love, and so many other details about us and he used it all to hand craft a beautiful ceremony. This ceremony was the most beautiful, well-written, personalized ceremony and we are so lucky Rovan took the time to create it for us. He edited our vows for us, supplied so many different reading options. He also created the perfect ceremony that included all members of our audience from incredibly catholic to entirely non-religious. He is the type of person you want to be friends with and have mentor you. He is so wise and fun and talented. He does such a good job that when all is said and done, you feel as though the price you paid is not enough and he deserves more. Truly amazing. The epitome of a deserving 5 star officiant. I know how hard it is to choose someone based on reviews, but Rovan is the one, trust me.

  9. Beth Kohlhepp says:

    My husband and I got married on November 3, 2017 and our ceremony was everything we ever dreamed thanks to Rev Rovan! Working with him was never short of laughs, but he also made our ceremony into one that not only we, but every one of our guests will never forget. He made the process so easy and delivered the most perfect ceremony. On top of that, he gave us guidance and insight when we needed it. He really goes above and beyond for his couples and knows what a wedding truly is about-LOVE. After waiting so long to finally marry my best friend I could not have wished for anything other than what Rev. Rovan delivered. I would recommend him to any other bride/groom 110%!!!

  10. Katie and Jimmy says:

    I wish there were more stars, Rovan was absolutely incredible to work with from start to finish. It’s been a month since Rovan officiated our wedding, and I cannot stop replaying the day back in my head. I’m so thankful to have had you as our wedding officiant. Thinking over and over the ceremony was the best part of the whole day. Everything happened so quickly it seems, but the ceremony slowed down just so I could enjoy every second. The entire room was filled with so much love, and I know everyone loved the ceremony (almost) just as much as I did 🙂 Thank you, thank you, a hundred times thank you!

  11. Chris and Meg says:

    Rovan was absolutely astounding to work with! He gathered all of the small details of how we met, and in just a few days, had a drafted ceremony. We felt as though we had full control of the ceremony; it was so well-written. He stayed within our time limits – even after taking his advice on adding a few readings to keep it interesting – and everything went according to plan. Rovan is the calm persona you’ll want and need on your wedding day! Everyone at our wedding commented on how flawless and emotional the ceremony was – at one point, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

  12. Emily and Chad says:

    Rovan Wernsdorfer officiated our wedding in May 2017 at the Legg Mason Tower. He was outstanding–which is an understatement. We met with him last winter and found him to be very personable and genuine. After chatting with him for a few minutes, we already felt like we were friends. His priority was to put together a ceremony that truly reflected us. After getting an idea of who we were, our interests, how we met, and our relationship, he put together a draft ceremony that we were able to edit and really make our own. There were no surprises–we knew exactly what was going to be said. We could tell he truly had our best interests at heart. We wanted an “unplugged” ceremony so that our photographers could capture the best pictures and he took that seriously by making an announcement to our guests. He suggested a hand fasting ceremony which we used, along with some ribbon from my late grandmother’s sewing basket. We received so many compliments about how personal and unique they found our ceremony. We absolutely loved our ceremony and we are so grateful to Rovan!
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  13. Charsett and Joseph says:

    We loved every bit of the process, from creating the ceremony, to the rehearsal, to the actual ceremony . Our guests have raved about how the ceremony was delivered and how it was structured. Some mentioning that had never experienced a ceremony like ours and how they weren’t bored and were entertained with the stories etc. Rovan’s delivery was exceptional and the Hand-fasting ceremony unique and sentimental. You will not be disappointed in selecting Rovan to be your officiant, he was exceptional and truly captured our vision.

  14. Yusuf and Sieara says:

    Hands down Mr. Rovan is top notch when you are considering having an officiant that will make your day a special and memorable one for the couple and the guests. We had an interfaith marriage and he was very willing to work in collaboration with the Imam to put together the wedding ceremony… My wife and I came from a different cultural background and have different faiths,I am a Nigerian and she’s an African-American…He was very attentive in learning more about the couple which he used in putting together the wedding ceremony. He has a very good sense of humour and had the entire guests laughing when he was delivering a captivated and well articulated ceremony. I will definitely recommend him for any interfaith or regular wedding ceremony because he is very capable of delivering a good ceremony.

  15. Emily and Ben says:

    Rovan was a lifesaver during our wedding. Not only did he script a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony that managed to please both my groom and I (not very religious) and our fathers (both of whom are Christian), he also worked with us to personalize our ceremony and read over our self-written vows beforehand in order to provide feedback. Best of all, when my now-husband realized during the ceremony that he had misplaced his vows, Rovan provided a copy that he’d made sure to include with his own paperwork. He was a consummate professional throughout the wedding planning process, and didn’t even complain when our rehearsal started an hour late the evening before our wedding due to awful traffic in the area. We are so, so thankful for his beautiful words and hard work, and we received countless compliments from our wedding guests on his service, both on the quality and the length (just right for a wedding ceremony!). I found Rovan through Thumbtack and feel like I really lucked out–I can’t imagine anyone else could have done such a perfect job on the most important part of our perfect day.

  16. Stephanie and Corbin says:

    Secular Wedding

    Rovan officiated our wedding in DC this past weekend and we have nothing but great things to say about him! When we initially met with him, a couple of months before our ceremony where we went over what kind of ceremony we would like to have, and discussed our history of dating. Since we had been together for 11 years, we had a lot to say!

    Rovan listened to our story and incorporated that into our ceremony. All of our guests loved hearing how we met, and how we finally got to the alter. He made our ceremony personal and let us pick and choose what we wanted to be said during the ceremony. We also wanted a secular wedding, and he honored our wishes.

    All of our guests said it was either the best wedding they attended or in the top 3. We definitely recommend him!

  17. Unsolicited note from Molly and Craig's aunt and uncle - all the way from Alabama! says:

    Greetings Rovan! I wanted to let you know how much Clayton and I enjoyed Molly and Craig’s wedding celebration. What you brought to the day was joy-filled, upfront, and sincere – tailor made for them (and us.) You are a special person with a special gift! Happy trails! Aunt Carol and Uncle Clayton.

  18. Samantha and Matt says:

    Rovan worked with my (now) husband and I to create the perfect ceremony. He took the time to get to know us so that the ceremony would be personal and thoughtful. He could not have been more professional, caring, and easy to work with. Trying to create a ceremony that would satisfy both Jewish and Catholic families we thought would be a challenge, but Rovan made it easy offering suggestions and really listening to us and working our ideas into the ceremony. After the wedding everyone was coming up to us to let us know that the ceremony was one of the best they had ever been to! I would highly recommend Rovan to anyone!

  19. Molly and Craig says:

    Rovan was so incredibly easy to work with! We communicated back and forth many times between our first meeting and the day of the wedding. He is helpful, responsive, and completely sets your mind at ease while in the midst of what can be a really stressful time! Our ceremony was perfect – exactly what we wanted. So many people asked how we found Rovan and commented on how funny and kind he was, as well as how perfect the ceremony was! I can not recommend him highly enough

  20. Xinting and Xu says:

    Almost everyone is talking about how a great job our officiant did after the wedding at the reception! It is not that kind of mundane wedding we saw on TV where everyone falls asleep… Instead Rovan made lots of laughing, crying and participation in our ceremony. He met us for 3hrs beforehand to know us and our story and he wrote the ceremony all by his own. Everyone loves the little funny story of how we met, how we got together and why we choose to marry each other. It feels like we are in a movie, and it is a lifetime experience, we feel so lucky to have Rovan~~
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  21. Lisa and David says:

    We and our guests will remember the ceremony as it was personalized with information about us (where we met, what we enjoy doing, etc.).
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills. During initial meeting, after he wrote and sent the ceremony for our approval, always returned messages and e-mails, prepped wedding guests on how the ceremony would be, was excellent with family and friends, and terrific after.
    Easy to talk to, warm, friendly, very punctual, he smiles while he talks and it’s genuine, a fantastic listener (after one meeting – he knew more about us than most of our friends) and he knows the right questions to ask.
    Would recommend Rovan to anyone – we heard stories about other weddings and found him to be very non-judgemental, open minded (with suggestions), and kind hearted.
    – If you are still reading this, Rovan is the kind of person that you meet once and you want him to be a friend for life.

    Rovan – our day was magical and while many great things happened, you and your ceremony were hands down the best.

    With our deepest respect, we thank you.


    David and Lisa

  22. Erin says:

    Rovan really saved the day for us. Our original officiant cancelled on us the Wednesday before our Saturday wedding, and we’re so grateful Rovan was able to fit us in. He replied to our inquiry quickly to set up a phone call, and talking to him it was immediately clear that he was a much better fit for us (no pushing religious agendas). We met Friday at our poorly-organized parking lot rehearsal, and he took charge like a pro and made me feel very comfortable with the ceremony. I emailed him some of my and my now-husband’s backstory, and I was impressed with how he fit it into the ceremony (it felt much more intimate than what our original officiant had planned, even though he had known us for years), and I now have a great photo of him cracking my maid of honor up with some of our early antics. With Rovan as our officiant, we were still able to have our godmothers give readings, as was our original plan, and he did a beautiful job of providing a slightly-religious but totally practical and inspirational interpretation.

    I wish we had gone with Rovan from the beginning and saved ourselves the hassle, but he gave us a wonderful, personal ceremony on just 3 days notice. I was impressed by his professionalism, flexibility, and compassion throughout.

  23. Kelly says:

    Rovan was recommended by our wedding planner–What a GREAT recommendation! Rovan took the time to get to know my husband and me prior to the wedding so that he could make our ceremony extra special and personal. He mentioned each of our paths in life and how we ended up together-it was absolutely wonderful! We also wanted our ceremony to be short and sweet and that’s exactly what it was. I had guests coming up to me all night at the reception telling me how amazing my ceremony was because of Rovan. I highly recommend thoughtful weddings for your wedding!!!

  24. Shilpa Vimalananda says:

    We truly felt that the wedding was magical, and have heard that from so many of our guests. My husband is Greek Orthodox and I am the child of a Baptist and a Jain. The ceremony could have been dicey with a lot of hurt feelings, but both sets of our parents were so pleased with what Rev. Rovan worked with us to craft for our ceremony. They thought it was incredibly beautiful, and we cannot thank him enough! He helped us to create something that really brought our families together and solidified the bond that we have. He spent a great deal of time trying to understand us as individuals and a couple and what brought us together, as well as how to make our families comfortable. Everything came together in a really meaningful way, and we are so happy that we chose Rovan for our wedding!

  25. Michael Fuhr says:

    We hired Rovan because we wanted a non-religious ceremony. He was happy to make our wedding ceremony exactly the way we wanted it, without judgement. He listened carefully to our personal stories, and gave us a ceremony that was funny and heartfelt. He was very professional and did a fantastic job. A great officiant and a great guy!

  26. Christie Bower-Carlton says:

    The ceremony that you provided was absolutely perfect! My tail is still wagging!

  27. Sonya Grabowski and Robbie Walker says:

    Rovan officiated our wedding in August, and he was incredible. We had a rather interesting crowd including Southern Baptists and Catholics, and Rovan took the time to make sure our ceremony was sensitive to both but still reflected our own beliefs. He told the story of how we fell in love and everyone loved it. Everyone boasted about the ceremony and how beautiful it was because he helped us personalize it so much. Rovan also came to the rehearsal and got everyone on track, and was just overall helpful and comforting throughout the entire process. Thank you for being so wonderful!

  28. Leighann Posey says:

    We hired Rovan for what was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony in early October. Unfortunately we were hit with a rainstorm and had to move the ceremony to a small church nearby. Rovan was flexible through the entire process and delivered a beautiful, thoughtful ceremony that our families are still talking about. He understood our needs right away and managed to capture the essence of what we wanted in a ceremony very early on. Rovan is the right balance of professionalism and warmth, and his guidance (not just on the ceremony itself, but on many different aspects of marriage) was invaluable. I would recommend him to anyone!

  29. Caitlin & Andy says:

    Thank you, Rovan!! You made our wedding day so special. In all the craziness that is a wedding day, your service provided us with time to be still and reflect on the true purpose & meaning of our marriage. We love how you incorporated our story & anecdotes from our families. When we walk into a room “July 3rd!” is the first thing we hear and we’re sure it will be for many years to come. Again, thank you! You were a wonderful officiant & we appreciate all you contributed to our wedding day.

  30. Laura and Chris Pedroso says:

    We met Rovan through David at Chase Court. After a couple hours of conversation over dinner, Rovan was able to craft a wonderful ceremony that was truly, uniquely US. He included everything we asked and skipped that which we didn’t want, and I could not be happier. We had quite a few positive remarks regarding the ceremony, and everyone really sounded like they enjoyed it.

    I am also told there were at least a few leaky eyes in the guests, which is ideal to me. 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir. I could not be happier. Yesterday couldn’t have gone more perfectly.

  31. Michelle & Paul Suarez says:

    Paul and I wanted something unique and that gave a story about us as a couple rather than a cookie cutter ceremony. We also knew that we wanted there to be something special to the ceremony added because we were not able to do a Catholic Ceremony due to timing of an annulment. We also wanted to find a way to include Paul’s son in to the vows and union ceremony. Finding an officiant that is willing and capable of doing these things is very hard to find, but when I emailed back and forth with Rovan before meeting for the first time, I knew he was perfect for us and also on the same page as us. Rovan met with us once before our wedding and the ceremony that he wrote and tailored for us was just perfect in every way. He told a story about us as a couple and it centered around love and family and God. It made guests laugh and it made guests cry. I am still receiving phone calls about my ceremony and how it was the most unique and beautiful ceremony they have ever witnessed. Many guest also asked how long we have been friends with Rovan because his ceremony was so detailed and perfect that you would have thought he has known us since the beginning of our relationship.

    Rovan is very easy to work with and also a lot of fun to talk to. We really enjoyed our meeting with him and all of the emails and communication leading up to our big day. He responds back quickly and is willing to make adjustments. We are really happy that Rovan was recommended to us and I hope to attend many weddings in the future where he is the officiant because I know the ceremony will be just beautiful and all that the bride and groom hopes for.

  32. Lauren Wronsky says:

    We met Rev. Wernsdorfer on the day of our wedding–just before guests started arriving for the ceremony. We had an unexpected snowstorm and Rovan came to our rescue on the recommendation of our officiant, Heather Saul Rathbone. Rev. Wernsdorfer was very calm and collected, which helped us relax and take a breath before making our commitment to each other in front of friends, family, and lots of snowflakes.

    He was a great last minute coach for Eric, our families, and me. He delivered our ceremony perfectly, and his words during the ceremony were reverberated throughout the reception and even became our “hashtag” for the wedding. #can’tkeepusdown

    Very simply, we wouldn’t have been married without Rovan’s rescue and we feel very honored to have had not one, but two great officiants guide us through the process of getting married.

    Eric and I would highly recommend Rev. Wernsdorfer to anyone and we hope that your wedding will be as special as he made ours.

    Lauren 2/21/15

  33. Stephanie and Yolanda says:

    Rovan was hired by myself and my wife to officiate a small home wedding. When we received bids on Thumbtack, we were most impressed by the personalization Rovan offered. We met with him for over an hour and were impressed with the thoughtful and detailed questions he asked regarding the ceremony. It was very obvious he has been doing this for awhile. Rovan was incredibly timely with getting our personalized service to us, and made changes as we requested. He responded to emails and phone calls right away and was always available to us. Our ceremony was wonderful, personal, and thoughtful. I appreciate that it was tailored to us and exactly what we wanted. Rovan is very warm, welcoming, and accepting, which is something we were looking for as a same sex couple. I highly recommend him!

  34. Brynn & Matt says:

    After meeting with several officiants for our small ceremony, we were lucky enough to find Rovan. In our first meeting, he made us feel comfortable right away and was interested in learning about us as a couple. Rovan was also really supportive when we wanted to customize our ceremony with some untraditional elements. He was warm, professional and helpful throughout the planning process.

    Thank you so much Rovan for giving us a stressfree and heartfelt start to our marriage!

  35. Jesse Ewing says:

    We decided last minute on getting an officiant due to our busy schedules and the fiance living in Denmark. We contacted Rovan approximately 3 days prior to our union and he was able to accommodate us. He provided us with various readings to review and pick from and was very detail oriented when it came to how the ceremony would take place. He arrived with plenty of time to spare and that allowed us to go over any final details. Rovan did more than just officiate, he made everyone involved very comfortable and most guests felt that Rovan knew us a lot longer than he did due to the knowledge he showed when speaking of us. He was very thorough. We plan to use his services again when we decide to do our vow renewal in the future and would highly recommend his services for your special day. Thanks again Rovan! Jesse and Sabrina Ewing! Nov 2, 2014

  36. Virginia and Cory says:

    Rovan took the time to do exactly what was missing with the other officiants we met: he asked questions about who we are individually and as a couple, what was important to us, what our relationship was like – and shared information about himself. Only then did we talk about the wedding ceremony we imagined. It is because of this that I think his ceremony was perfectly catered to us. The draft he sent over felt personal and thoughtful and was even better than we imagined.

    In the time leading up to our wedding, Rovan was responsive and understanding as we wanted to make a few changes. We didn’t do a rehearsal so he took care to communicate well beforehand and really know the space. For many reasons, we highly recommend Rovan to create a really special ceremony and officiate perfectly.

  37. Shannon and Christopher Gibson says:

    Rovan saved our wedding day! Our officiant cancelled on us a week before our wedding and Rovan stepped up last minute to make our wedding ceremony more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We were so thrilled at the ceremony he put together for us & how he incorporated so much about our personal lives into it. Finding Rovan was our blessing. We cant thank you enough!

  38. Virginia says:

    Cory and I are incredibly pleased with what you’ve put together. We have a few small things to change, but you absolutely captured what we “imagined” without our really knowing what we wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  39. Anthony Greco says:

    Melissa Greco and I got married on June 7, 2014 at Morningside Inn. (After our first officiant was at the last minute unable to perform our wedding,) my wonderful (now) mother-In law got in touch with Rovan. I called Rovan personally and immediately felt calm and collected right away. Rovan made us feel comfortable with how we wanted to create our own wedding, STRESS FREE! In the SHORT few days Rovan had to develop and create our ceremony, he put together and blended love, seriousness, laughter, our family and friends into one of the greatest ceremonies I’ve been part of. Rovan is an amazing man to work with, he is very easy going when it comes to creating your own ceremony. THANK YOU so much Rovan for marrying Melissa and I and being part of our amazing and special day…

  40. David Egan says:

    My dear friend, Rovan, who, after ten years of encouragement, is once again ordained (having been removed in the 1970s from the Episcopal clergy for being forthright about his sexuality) and doing incredible work with couples, performing magnificent, highly personalized wedding ceremonies.

  41. Ellie Wilson says:

    Rovan was the officiant at my wedding at the Engineers Club this past weekend, and I truly cannot say enough good things. Due to a conflict with the officiant we first booked, we were left without an officiant only a month before the wedding. Rovan was very responsive and helpful from Day 1 of contacting him. He was kind and understanding to the fact that we were nervous about finding someone…. Within 2 days, we had already set up an appointment to meet (which just so happened to be one of the days at the end of April with terrible rain, and he was still willing to come out and meet us).

    Immediately I knew that he was meant to be our officiant. …Rovan actually cares about taking the time to get to know the bride and groom and wants to design a ceremony that works for you. He cares a lot about your happiness and making the ceremony special,…. He sent several drafts of the ceremony in the weeks prior to the wedding and was always very responsive to my ideas. My mom read the final draft and said that he “nailed it.”

    After our ceremony was over, so many guests commented on how great the ceremony itself was. I can attribute much of this to Rovan and his work. I would recommend him to anyone.

  42. Amy Botwright says:

    Rovan was amazing and truly made our day special. He spoke with us to understand what we were looking for and gave us great options to choose from. He then tailored the ceremony to our wishes. We couldn’t have asked for more!

  43. Tom says:

    Rovan officiated at our Renewal of Vows. We had never attended such a service and were clueless how to proceed. Rovan conferred with us, getting enough information to provide a balance of humor and seriousness to the ceremony while putting us at ease. We got rave compliments after the service. He was great! – Tom, 3/45/14

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